• Greg McKeown

    New York Times Bestselling Author

    Greg McKeown is the author of "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less" and the CEO of THIS Inc., a leadership and strategy design agency headquartered in Silicon Valley.

  • Jeanne Meister

    Bestselling Author, The 2020 Workplace

    Jeanne C Meister is a best selling author of three books, internationally recognized consultant and keynote speaker.

  • Nilofer Merchant

    Bestselling Author, The New How

    CEO, Author and Strategist, Nilofer Merchant often provides a “secret sauce” for Fortune 500 companies attempting to win markets.

  • Wendy Mesley

    Broadcast Journalist, CBC

    Wendy Mesley is one of Canada’s most recognized and respected broadcast journalists.

  • Tara Mohr

    Bestselling Author of Playing Big

    Tara Sophia Mohr is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being. She is the author of Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message.

  • Dr. Vince Molinaro

    New York Times Bestselling Author

    Vince Molinaro has dedicated his life to promoting both personal and organizational accountability in leadership cultures around the world.

  • Cynthia Montgomery

    Harvard Business School Professor

    Cynthia A. Montgomery is the Timken Professor of Business Administration and immediate past head of the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School, where she’s taught for over twenty years.

  • Youngme Moon

    Harvard Business School Professor

    Youngme Moon is the Donald K. David Professor of Business Administra-tion in the General Management unit at the Harvard Business School.

  • Michelle Moore

    Vice President at LHH Knightsbridge

    Michelle Moore is the Vice President and National Practice Lead for Executive Career Solutions group at LHH Knightsbridge.

  • Julie Morgenstern

    NYT Bestselling Author

    Julie Morgenstern is a New York Times best-selling author, professional speaker, organizing expert and corporate productivity consultant.

  • Bethany Mota

    YouTube Superstar, Entrepreneur

    YouTube superstar and entrepreneur Bethany Mota has become one of the most powerful voices in social and new media. Today, Bethany’s YouTube channel has over 9 million subscribers, and her videos have been viewed close to a billion times.

  • Alan Mulally

    Alan Mulally served as president and chief executive officer of The Ford Motor Company and as a member of Ford's board of directors from September 2006 – June 2014.