Volume 19

Volume 19 Letter From the Editor:

Ten years ago, if you’d invested $1,000.00 in Netflix stock, that investment would be worth well over $50K. But visionary investments aren’t just financial. Today, savvy CEOs invest in talent, recognizing that they may not have ready-now leaders who are able to step up to replace those who move on or retire. And while many in leadership roles understand they don’t need to be technical experts themselves, the need to understand how to nurture the up and comers while building strong teams to ensure a solid succession plan is critical.

What does it mean to have leadership potential? Imagine if superstar CEO Alan Mulally had remained an engineer instead of becoming the boss at Boeing and Ford. Or if business advisor Ram Charan had continued working in the family shoe shop.

From strategy and cultural transformation to talent development, team building, performance and productivity, the celebration of developing potential is a guiding principal at The Art Of as we dig even deeper to drive disruptive, innovative ideas in our groundbreaking 10th anniversary year.

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