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Creativity Benefits Business
As leaders, we have a choice to either empower and nurture creativity within our companies or sacrifice creativity to maintain corporate rules. The downside to this approach is that we sacrifice growth. 95% of all people never get to connect and discover their superpowers—their creativity and the ability to do amazing work. Sadly, they never get a chance to practice them, hone them, or best of all … share them. “You don’t have to be a superhero to have superpowers.

Process Can Drive Amazing Outcomes
Amazing results with an amazing outcome come from implementing a process that is just as amazing as the work itself. In my leadership role, the most important job was to create the most fertile soil or environment possible, to allow my coworkers and colleagues to flourish and excel creatively. In other words, the work needs to transcend itself. Think about how you have impacted the process; how you have changed or improved something for the better, rather than just focussing on achieving the outcome. Ask yourself, when you leave an organization, finish, or move on to the next project, what value did you bring from your work.

Caution, Imagination at Work
In the corporate world, there is a sense of suspicion aimed at the use of imagination. Often times, we’re afraid to let our minds wander, or in fact, let other’s minds wander. Even if you are afraid of the unknown, and afraid of trying new things, don’t be a hindrance to others. Don’t be afraid to ruffle feathers, most of all … don’t be afraid.

Play, Don’t Think (Too Much)
The greatest athletes bring themselves to a point where they don’t think while they play, it just comes naturally. thinking itself can sometimes often be the hindrance. Why can’t we reach that point creatively? How do we get there? The Path to Creative Courage starts with building trust. Fostering trust is the first step to fostering creativity and building trust amongst your team. One can try to push the boundaries of creativity because everyone is collaborating with those they trust. Playing with danger lets people play outside their comfort zones while they push their boundaries, and therefore their limitations. You’re providing a safety net for them with the trust you have built as you unlock your team’s creative courage.

Don't be afraid to ruffle feathers, most of all...don't be afraid.

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