Volume 18

Volume 18 Letter From the Editor:

It was the year of the Blackberry vs. the iPhone upstart. Michael Jackson turned 50. The stock market crashed and Barack Obama was elected President. A lot can change over a decade. Some 70 conferences, 200+ speakers and 100,000+ attendees later, The Art Of is proud to be celebrating its 10th anniversary with a renewed commitment for the future.

The Art Of has matured from being an inspirational conference developer into a respected, dynamic leadership development company supported by a global community impacting thousands of individuals and businesses each year. We’ve evolved to incorporate the kinds of applicable tools and techniques for leadership that can be powerfully implemented within any corporate culture, and on every platform.

Our speakers certainly walk the talk. We’ve featured over 200 thought leaders including Malala Yousafzai, Vice President Joe Biden, Arianna Huffington, General Colin Powell and Brené Brown. These unique voices have delivered profound narratives, lessons on teamwork, disruption, innovation, and game-changing ideas that can take careers to the next level while re-energizing spellbound conference attendees.

In 2018, learning experiences for leadership and women in leadership are where our commitment lies. Enlightened leadership that celebrates new ideas with actionable strategies is our focus. Developing the next generation supports our goal to enhance leadership capability so that it can affect change at every level of any organization. Hop on board, we’ve already started redefining where business is taking us.

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