Houston. We Have a Problem... Lessons from The Art of Leadership

The following are closing remarks curated by our host, Ron Tite based on the presentations by Gretchen Rubin, Captain Richard Phillips, Marshall Goldsmith, Liane Davey & Chris Hadfield at The Art of Leadership in Vancouver. 

The Problem is that all you leaders out there

can’t solve new problems with old solutions. 

What got you here certainly won’t get you there.

But don’t worry. Failure is only final when you choose to give up.

So don’t give up.

You can begin by knowing what’s true to you.

Along the way, you might need help. And that’s ok.

It’s not like there’s a problem that exists that you can’t possibly make worse.

So remember what’s important and get on with it.

You’re much stronger than you think.

Believe in something greater but do so knowing that living your values

is more important (and more difficult) than writing them down. 

After all, a principle is only a principle when it costs you money. 

Please. Don’t be the BPA in your team’s water bottle.

We’re all going to be equally dead

so we might as well do some good while we’re here. 

It’s always going to be crazy so set yourself up for success. 

Be a rebel with a cause. 

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. 

Find the strength to do what must be done. 

Motivation will only come from one place – your heart. 

So shake your head like an etch-a-sketch 

and never be satisfied with your level of competence.

Form a new habit.

Embrace the conflict. 

Make your bed. 

Stop understanding. Start doing. 

Make milestones, not finish lines. 

Visualize failure. And practice for it. 

See it through. 

Do your duty. 

Smoke pot if you want to.

Be honest. 

Be happy now.

Do the Grouse Grind.

Do whatever you can do to help people. 

Life is the inevitable sequence of events 

that are created by the decisions you’ve made. 

Choose wisely.

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