Excellence isn’t an aspiration. It’s the next page... Lessons from The Art of Leadership Calgary


The following are closing remarks curated by our host, Ron Tite based on the presentations by Dr. Seonaid Charlesworth, Mark Bowden, Captain Richard Phillips, Gretchen Rubin, Marshall Goldsmith & Tom Peters.

We may respect brains and brilliance but we react to people based on how they make us feel. Based on that, we make judgements about people every single day.

Remember: People don’t quit companies, they quit leaders.

Intuitive thinking falls short when you have to predict the future.
Why? Because your judgement sucks.
Successful people are delusional.
But once we all get past the ego, the pride, and the shame,
life gets a whole lot better.
So come on, have the courage to be intentional.
You might need help – but that’s okay.
You’re stronger than you think. So what are you waiting for?
Lead yourself.

It’s not enough to be charming, confident, and exciting.
Hell, you might be a psychopath for all you know.
We all want to be good, but excellence isn’t an aspiration.
It’s the next five minutes. It’s the next meeting.
It’s the next conversation.
We’re all going to be equally dead so we might as well do some good here.
Start now. Don’t hit send. Slow. The. Hell. Down.
Be the Captain.
Be on the freaky fringe.

Use a genuine smile, not a creepy smile.
It’s always going to be crazy. So make your bed. Say you’re sorry.
Flash your belly button.
Never give up.
Coaching is about helping winners.
And winners’ lips and feet move at the same time.
Just treat others how they want to be treated.
And no more meetings before the meeting, okay?
Be proud. Be good. Be you.
Whatever you do, do it because it’s the right thing to do.
Stop sprinting for the finish line. Goals have milestones.
And one of those milestones should be to remember
to tuck the shower curtain in the bathtub.


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