Volume 4

The foundations of our lives are built through habits.

Volume 4 Letter From the Editor:

Habits can be found everywhere. Naturally, they extend into the realm of business excellence. One of our speakers, Charles Duhigg, wrote a bestselling book about the important role habits play not only in each of our lives, but how they contribute to organizational success, and societal progress.

We can quickly and simply leverage the power of habit to improve the way we execute. For example, those of us in sales can embrace the power of rituals to prime and revitalize themselves to persist further with cold calls, or adjust our own reactions to emotionally-testing situations to be more positive or proactive. These seemingly-minute tweaks can add up to huge changes.

It’s also because of these habits that we can collaborate with our team mates and partners: we can predict their reactions to certain cues and plan accordingly. Even qualities can be developed through the power of habit. Courage is the ability to act in spite of fear. Essentially, it is a habit: instead of reacting to a fight- or-flight response by running, courageous people choose to act consistently. They are comfortable with discomfort; pushing beyond their regular boundaries has become a routine.

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