Volume 24

Volume 24 Letter From the Editor:

The Art of Leadership Women has become an annual gathering of brilliant minds that transcends boundaries and empowers women in their quest for leadership excellence. Over the years, our conference has served as a powerful forum for women to learn from one another and build meaningful connections. We have been fortunate to witness the extraordinary achievements and inspiring insights shared by some of the most remarkable women from around the world, and have emerged as a beacon of hope, a platform for learning, and a catalyst for change.

While we celebrate our progress, we cannot overlook the harsh reality that women in leadership still face significant barriers and underrepresentation. The statistics reveal a disheartening truth: even though women constitute over half of the population, they hold only a fraction of senior management roles in our country's largest corporations.

Despite these challenges, we remain optimistic for the future and applaud you for taking bold and deliberate actions to promote gender parity in leadership. Through equal access to developmental opportunities, fostering inclusive cultures, and providing robust mentoring and coaching programs, we can continue to push boundaries.

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