Volume 20

Volume 20 Letter From the Editor:

The more things change, the more questions there are to ask. Engaged leaders keep their fingers on the pulse of business trends to help ensure success for their companies. Understanding how to manage used to be a no brainer. Meet Gen Z, the first cohort with no memory of life without a smartphone. There are 61-million Gen Z about to enter the workforce in the US. In Canada, we’re looking at one-fifth of our population. Do you know why they will be more difficult to manage and train than older generations?

Is this the year we finally close the gap? Among the world's largest 500 companies, only 10.9 percent of senior executives are women. Yet the trend shows that companies with more female executives make more money. While researchers scratch their heads, there is one thing that we know for sure. Diversity helps make companies profitable, innovative and respected.

Customers want instant gratification and results that move faster than ever. Companies that find the balance between increased speed and continued high-quality results will be far better positioned to grow in 2019. As a leader, how can you make sure that it doesn’t lead to a decline in quality?

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