Adrian Gostick

By Adrian Gostick

  • Timeless Leadership Wisdom We All Need to Forget

    A sales leader asked us last week if we had found anything in our research that contradicts long-held wisdom about leadership? Yes, we said, there have been ahas in our work that should change the way we all think about the science of leading others.

  • How to Handle Conflict in Your Team

    A few years ago we sat in the kick-off meeting of a cross-functional team of senior people, assembled to tackle a big project for their company. The team was in a circle; the men in blue button-down shirts, the women in sensible blouses; pens and pads were at the ready.

  • The Power of Gratitude

    What is it about us humans that makes us so drawn to the negative? Every mistake we make seems to stick in out brains like Velcro, while our successes slide out like they're on Teflon.

  • 3 Strategies to Motivate Millenials

    Over the past twenty years we’ve watched a few interesting revolutions in the workplace. We’ve coached leaders through globalization with all its cultural challenges, the dawn of the remote employee, even the commoditization of almost every product thanks to the Internet.