Selling You on You


I think the toughest job is selling you on you and the awesomeness of you. That’s a work and process every day. Giving yourself pointers and tips and keeping your chin up when you’re faced with adverse situations. You can have your best presentation, but you have no control over the economy of a company that you’re pitching to, you have no control over the bad day, or someone who lost their father two days earlier that you don’t know about.

I think it’s an understanding that you’re more than a salesperson, they’re more than a buyer or a purchaser and that there are outside influences that do happen. The main thing is to sell you on you and keep your spirits up no matter what. You actually need it to immunize yourself again what I call “score breakers.” Those things that take you off being disciplined, focused, confident, relaxed and definitely having a good time.

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