Achieving Greatness


I think the biggest thing of being a great champion is hitting a high daily standard. “Greatness”, that word’s thrown around all the time on all the sports shows, but greatness is hitting a standard or a minimum requirement for a satisfactory, solid performance a lot over time.

You’re only as great as the differential between your best sales presentation and your worst so obviously you want that differential to be as short and small as possible. Hitting that high standard, that’s really the mark of a great salesperson. It’s no different than a peak performance athlete. It’s really called the “zone”, but when you’re in that mindset all of your energy is really flowing away from you. You’re not thinking about your presentation, you’re not thinking about you at all, and you’re not thinking about the end product, you’re completely detached from your results. All your energy is on the prospect; you’re reading body language and you’re guiding him into the future with your product or service.

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