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World's #1 Coach of Champions, Bestselling Author & Peak Performance Expert

Jim Fannin

In one workshop Jim Fannin changed my life and most of the lives in my management team.

Rick Kahlbaugh,
CEO, Fortegra Financial

More than a life coach, Jim Fannin is a “change your life” coach.  His thought management system EMPOWERS people to SWIFTLY be the best they can be without inconvenience.  Period!

Jim Fannin was born poor in the foothills of Appalachia on November 4, 1949 in Ashland, Kentucky. Jim graduated from Paul G. Blazer High School in 1967; received a full tennis scholarship from East Tennessee State University and earned a bachelor degree in marketing and psychology in 1971. He created and personally funded a private research project in 1974 with three PhDs from Ohio State University on maximizing learning in children. This 18-month research project spawned his unique S.C.O.R.E.â Performance System that became the backbone of his personal coaching career.

Jim is an author, accomplished tennis player, raconteur, life strategist and sports and business consultant. 

Jim has 35+ years of professional coaching, consulting and public speaking experience. He has coached over 150 professional athletes from eight sports including members of the PGA and LPGA tours, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, MLB, US Equestrian Association, World Series of Poker and the Olympics. He has trained tens of thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies from 36 industries in peak performance.

Jim has addressed major corporations such as Merrill Lynch, General Electric, DonTech, IBM, Apple Computer, Transamerica, Allstate Insurance, New York Life, Harris Bank Group, Northern Trust Bank, Domino’s Pizza, Carnation, Starwood Hotels, Silhouette Optical, Bertram Yacht, Miles Labs, Mercedes, Dominick’s Finer Foods, Toyota, Honda and Chrysler; and non-profits UAW Ford, YEO, YPO, YMCA, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Hugh O’Brien Foundation, Cancer Wellness Centers & Boy’s Clubs of America.

As an accomplished author Jim has penned three books including the  S.C.O.R.E. for Life: The Secret Formula for Thinking Like A Champion (Harper Collins ’06) and The Zoniac Kids: Mr. Z’s Secret Formula (to be published). In addition he has produced six audio CDs that include:  Life in the Zone , Business in the Zone , Tennis in the Zone , Sports in the Zone, Golf in the Zone & Baseball in the Zone .

Jim has been featured in national magazines such as Men’s Health, Esquire, Celebrated Living-American Airlines, Sports Illustrated, Fortune Small Business; interviewed on ESPN, Fox Sports, PBS, Sirius and CBS radio; featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune & Sun-Times, New York Post, Atlanta Journal, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Washington Post, Dallas Star, New York Daily Herald; and appeared on television shows on NBC, CBS, Fox, ESPN, ABC and PBS. 

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  • Salespeople Should Inspire, not Sell

    Jim Fannin

    Sales is an art. There’s no question about it. I think the first thing for someone to learn his craft must know is: what is the essence of my craft? I’ve ask sales people all the time “What do you do for a living?” and every one of them says “I sell”.

  • Achieving Greatness

    Jim Fannin

    I think the biggest thing of being a great champion is hitting a high daily standard. “Greatness”, that word’s thrown around all the time on all the sports shows, but greatness is hitting a standard or a minimum requirement for a satisfactory, solid performance a lot over time.

  • Focus on Opening Not Closing

    Jim Fannin

    I think they make it look effortless because they’re detached from making the money. They’re detached from it and they have detached from the word “closing”. In fact, the best in the world don’t even think of that word.

  • Keeping on Track Towards Success

    Jim Fannin

    Having a positive, successful mentor definitely helps and, I think, avoiding the negative people in your sales team. Almost in every professional sports team or hockey team there’s a couple of negative people on that team, it could even be a coach.

  • Selling You on You

    Jim Fannin

    I think the toughest job is selling you on you and the awesomeness of you. That’s a work and process every day. Giving yourself pointers and tips and keeping your chin up when you’re faced with adverse situations.

  • Visualizing Success

    Jim Fannin

    You visualize everyday with every thought whether you believe in visualization or not. If you say “hamburger” many people will immediately see golden arches or a big mac so you’re constantly visualizing.


Articles by Jim Fannin

  • 10 Keys To Reinvent Yourself

    Jim Fannin

    We all evolve. Change is an absolute. Life is about mental, physical and spiritual growth. The more introspection, the faster there is growth. Sometimes we need to accelerate our growth and this may require reinvention. Reinvention usually comes from immediate need.


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