Volume 7

Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either - Marshall McLuhan

Volume 7 Letter From the Editor:

Content with a high degree of both educational and entertainment value is known as edutainment. It is our belief that it is the fine balance of both that triggers change and creates the largest impact for both individuals and their organizations.

When we created The Art Of seven years ago we asked ourselves what it might be like if we were to blend the experience of attending a rock concert with the idea of listening to an Ivy League lecture. Although this sounds like something that would be very difficult to achieve, I believe that we have made steps in the right direction. The perfection of this medium is an ongoing mission.

The educational process and how people engage with learning has changed significantly over the past few years. Understanding how people learn is always on our mind and the questions we are currently exploring include; How a learning environment impacts an individuals engagement with the content, how experts learn and how this is different from non-experts, and what the ideal state of mind is for the consumption of content.

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