Volume 6

"If content is king, then context is god." - Gary Vaynerchuk

Volume 6 Letter From the Editor:

A frequent speaker at The Art Of, Gary Vaynerchuk has identified that although content is extremely important, context is what makes it matter.

Our team at The Art Of believes that ‘our’ king is customer experience. If we are able to give our customers what they want when they want it, support them in creative ways, improve the quality of their lives, and do all of this at a reasonable value, we have won. Context defined is the circumstances and facts that surround a situation. When it comes to content, context is the way you’re publishing, distributing and promoting your content. If you’re trying to connect in the wrong context, it doesn’t matter how good or bad your content is. It’s not going to be read, shared or discussed.

Whether we are curating an event, conducting an interview, producing a video or writing a book, we strive to be well informed of what our readers, followers and attendees are looking for. We don’t consider it our job to tell you how to consume our content, it is our job to give you plenty of options.

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