Word of Mouth Marketing


Being a mall business is very different from being a large business.

You don’t have a lot of resources; you don’t have a lot of manpower; you’re really sort of bootstrapped up in and trying to grow where big business' really have a little less mobility than you might otherwise.

I think both types of businesses though can benefit through word of mouth.

We think it’s all about advertising or marketing just throw more advertising dollars you know on web ads or more advertising dollars on newspapers or television, but that’s not really the way to go if you think about how you know which products you’ve bought recently; whether it’s a new restaurant, a new movie or even new music artist - you probably found out about them from a friend not from an ad.

And if you did find out from an ad you probably weren’t going to go check it out until you heard good support and a good recommendation from someone you know.

So if you’re a small business that’s good news for you. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in advertising and don’t have a big budget you can still use word of mouth to help grow your business and if you’re a large business I think that means pivoting a little bit. If you’re used to thinking about just throwing money into advertising, but now we need to think a little differently.

Advertising is good; it’s great for broad awareness, but how can we use word now to build persuasion? How by understanding why people talk about some things rather than others can we get people to talk about us and be more effective from advertising alone?

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