Building Social Currency


In the book we have six key steps: research evidence-based principles that people can apply in their everyday life so take one and the first one in the book is social currency: the idea that we don’t just talk about things for any reason we talk about things that make us look good, things that make us look smart and no.

I tell a bunch of stories in the book, but I also give some key takeaways about how you can make your product or idea contain social currency. It can make them feel smart and in the no, making me feel like insiders where you can give them remarkable content that you feel like you just have to pass on and so again by understanding that science we can then apply the science to make it work for us and also people interested in. There’s actually a free workbook on my website it’s just Jonah Berger . com and people can download a great campaign in a book. It helps you work through one that is my idea, but into what are the six principles and how can I use each of those principles to make my idea more contagious?

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