Why You Need Help as an Entrepreneur


To me, I wake up every morning and decide what I jump into. You know, I don’t do anything, and I do everything, and so that’s leadership. I do believe you stay in your lanes, I try to not take on things that I’m not great at and other people are better at. But then what about within the things that you’re good at? And I’m good at a lot of things. I just hired a head of VP of HR, and I’ve been the head of HR at our company the whole time. That’s a tough thing to delegate because I know I’m better at it than anybody in the world in my own delusional mind. To me it’s about what do you want to happen. If you want to build a huge company you have to delegate. I’m a big fan of having ninety people do an “8” of my “10” because I know that’s scale. Other people want it to be perfect, and that’s fine, but that micromanagement, it comes with its limitations. You’re going to be satisfied with the output every time, but the size that you can play at is going to be limited. 

Some entrepreneurs are good at sales, some are good at operations, some are financially driven, some are charismatic, some are introverted, some are developers, some are showmen, and some are both.  I always hire all the things that I’m not good at. I don’t need the things that I’m not good at. That’s what I would double-down on. You have to surround yourself with the other checkboxes. Once you feel that you have all of those principles down, then you quadruple bet on your actual strength. So for example, if in media now we’re up to four hundred people, I feel like I’m surrounded, now I’m going to hire great sales people because we have so much inbound because of me, let’s go really fully get all the value of that. I would say Facebook tripled down on more developers and so that kind of worked.  

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