Are You Really Entrepreneur Material?


I’m more stressed about a 15 minute meeting of firing a junior level employee than making eight million dollar decisions. The processes at some moment while sleeping or day-dreaming or taking a shower or walking through the park, or sitting here literally interviewing with you right now and having a second stream of thought about what I am doing for a living, I will come up with a decision and then I will just go and do it.

It really lends itself to a non-stressful life even though it would seem to the outer world as very stressful stuff.

There is a stunning misunderstanding in the marketplace right now, when that question is asked, people think that they can’t be a professional hockey player or baseball player if they truly think that. I think enormous amounts of people think they are entrepreneurs or can be. In America, not in Canada or other parts of the world, but in America it’s almost like a right of passage or something it’s like waking up in the morning. Well, I’m an entrepreneur and I don’t see it that way. I think to be a great entrepreneur you are an artist. The navigating, the Gretzky way to go to where the puck is being passed, go to where the puck is going to be; that’s how I think about business. My entire career is “Gretzky” classic quote which is, “I always go to where the market is.” I’m about to talk about this right now, which is: I don’t care what’s happened two years ago, I care about what is happening right now. Right now, do you understand about what is happening right now? And so to me the art of being able to navigate through the tough waters of Entrepreneurland is the classic definition of an artist.

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