What is #GoodBusy?


It's sort of funny this idea busy vs. good busy I’ve spent the vast majority of my life as an entrepreneur diverting myself away from the activities that I know were soul draining - So for me it’s things like HR and billing and stuff like that so I partnered with, or employ people who can do the sort of heavy lifting of the stuff that I know sort of sapping my will to survive away from me.

That's part of how I look at busy versus good busy, but the other thing whenever I think of that sentiment I am very much reminded of an amazing book by Stephen Press called The War of Art and in The War of Art, which is primarily a book about how to motivate yourself to write; he talks about this idea of the resistance and the resistance he doesn’t call it writer’s block, but call it the resistance it’s that sort of procrastination and everything that we do that puts us away from doing work were meant to.

Stephen was actually recently on an Oprah event and they were talking about the construct and I thought Stephen summed it up best he said basically that what you’ve got to do is put your ass for your heart is - I thought that was a great sentiment about how to make yourself good busy: Put your ass where your heart is.

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