Transforming Your Audience


The thing that we love about stories so much is that humans love to observe the transformation of other humans. That’s what we love so much and that’s what enraptures us with a story. As a storyteller myself, what happens in being able to transform an audience is one of the most powerful persuasion tools that you can possibly use, as transformation is the most beautiful part of the story.

If you actually map out the transformation that you want your audience to go through and with everything you communicate you use that almost like a lighthouse or a filter, it is the transformation arc that you’re trying to get from your audience, then it’s absolutely beautiful to see people changed. It wasn’t until I wrote Resonate where this, for me, was personally a life-changing moment. For me to start to get letters and emails from people who’ve said “you’ve transformed me” there’s nothing like that, there’s no greater feeling than to feel like you’ve moved someone out of a rut and into freedom. It’s the most amazing thing. 

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