Spreading Your Idea


To get an idea to be repeated and spread you first have to have a really good idea or at least frame it in a way that makes it sound alluring, like it’s a good idea. I do get asked all the time “how do I get my talk on the Ted stage because my idea is worth spreading” and sometimes when I listened to these ideas I thought “there is no idea here”. One of the things about a great idea is that it will spread on its own or that is worthy of spreading, but there are some tips that you can use to frame up the idea and package it well.

As you can imagine, I’m going to say the best way to package an idea is through a three-act framework called a story; where you set it up as this really likable hero who encounters roadblocks and emerges transformed, now that idea goes through a seasoning transformation. I always try to tell the communicator if you can’t talk about how the product transformed, talk about how you transformed by engaging by with the product or what it is you’re trying to market and that’ll help it spread when people know your life was changed they’ll feel like their life can change and they’ll spread the idea. 

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