The Value of Reading


When I think about continuous learning for me it’s all about basically two things: reading and writing. I love to write so I’m blogging every day or two to contribute to the Harvard Business Review or Huffington Post or Inc. or we’re running a blog post and because I write a lot people always ask me: To continuously learn is that all about the writing? I always joke and say, “It’s not about the writing is actually about the reading.”

Most people don’t make the time to expose themselves to enough new, different and varied ideas so my whole thing is about reading as much as possible and I probably take a very and anti-chromatic perspective to it than one might suspect in a digital guy, but I start with books. I try and load up on books on my Kobo app, iBooks, whatever might be and spend the vast majority of my time even on my iPhone thumbing through book pages. Whenever I get the chance I take a look at magazines, newspapers and obviously I’m interesting. Tweets and Facebook status updates and the links shared there as well, but for my dollar I like longer forms because that gives me the time to breathe and think more deeply about stuff and the output of that, the critical thinking is outputted for me in places like the blog articles, but for anybody else I could be things like Twitter and Facebook.

You have to always be doing that stuff and my running joke is that I never let school get in the way of great education so in this day and age you can find it on your own.

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