The Spirit of Innovation


Finding the where with all to really execute on new ideas is a really hard.

I’d be lying if I said it’s so easy – it’s really a complex thing.

What you have is most businesses have a construct that says we’ve been successful on this sort of area so how do we continually do that? What winds up happening I believe is you fall into the area where what you’re trying to do really does mitigate risk and minimize mistakes.

The construct that I would prefer team entrepreneurs, in particular small business people is take and put it to the side now ask yourself why would you start the business? Most people start some for my business because they wanted to do something within their industry that was new that had been done whether its pricing based product base it doesn’t matter that spirit of innovation is I think something just needs to be brought back you to look at the business and say to yourself what am I doing to constantly reimagine the industry that I serve, hopefully along lines two or three things within whatever things are trying to do, become things in which you can execute on.

It’s not easy to say that how do I execute everything. You need your own rigorous plan. There are many books and many online courses I think do a good job of it. One place that I would definitely look is there is a great book by Eric Reis’ called, “The Lean Startup” and I think within that he creates very interesting models on how to figure things out quicker and test things quicker and I think that’s part of the magic.

We live in an age when technology in a lot of things we use to connect socially through the internet allows you the platform by which you can test things in a very very quick and iterative an see if there is any uptake on it rather than invest energy only to realize there isn’t.

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