Sharpening Your Messaging Idea


I think the key to being remarkable is first understand your idea: what are you selling in the first place? What is that thing? What’s the key aspect of that thing that the consumers or customers might find interesting? And then sharpen that idea.

It’s not just enough to say, “We have low prices.” – Lots of people have low prices.

It’s not just enough to say, “We have a really comfortable shoe.” – Lots of companies have a comfortable shoe.

You need to sharpen that message much further and show it in a remarkable way.

One video I love to show when I give talks is: “Will it blend?” From Blendtech – they show someone dropping an iPhone in a blender.

Now they could have gone out there and said, “Hey my blender is really tough,” and their blender is really tough, but there’s a difference when you see that blender cutting through an iPhone - that’s not just tough, it’s remarkable.

That’s showing that attribute that you want people to remember in a remarkable way.

So first own that idea - figure out what that key insight or that key characteristic is and then figure out the best way to show it so that people can’t help but remark to their friends how wonderful the product is.

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