How to Get Your Contributions Recognized


It’s a really fine line trying to make sure that on a team you get recognized for your contributions without coming across as arrogant or breathing in your own fumes. At the same time it’s an important thing to do. The only thing that I can tell you works for me is be just as excited about the wonderful things that happen for your teammates as you are about the wonderful things that happen for you. If you create an environment where every day or at multiple times in the day there are things you’re celebrating on behalf of someone on the team and that has to include you as well then it will just feel natural and feel part of the culture. Where it really stands out is where the only things you’re celebrating are your accomplishments. I see it on Twitter all the time: the people whose Twitter feeds are only full of their own accomplishments, or blogs, or posts. It’s the people who say, “I heard something really interesting today check this out” that can really be proud of their own accomplishments, but it looks very much in the context of being excited about all of the things going on in the world. So maybe that’s a way to create excitement and make sure people understand the value you’re bringing, but doing the same for others.

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