Gary Vaynerchuk: The Art of Marketing Q&A


Gary Vaynerchuk, online marketing trailblazer, entrepreneur and creator of Wine Library TV, sat down with The Art Of to discuss the state of the marketing industry.

During our exclusive back-stage interview Gary points to the major cultural shift impacting marketers and the way we do business; “This is a printing press moment – the world is changing at an alarming rate and people are underestimating the culture shift we are living through –we’re still marketing like it’s 2002”.

In this “Stream Economy” where consumers are constantly flicking through live streams on their mobile phone, on Twitter and on Facebook, Gary encourages marketers to try new and bold things in order to stay innovative and stay relevant. This all ties back to execution. “Chicks dig execution – it’s essential”. For Gary, even the most rock-solid business ideas are useless without the proper execution. In the greater scheme of things, branding, how friendly you are or how many users you have is secondary.

When it comes to starting your own business, Gary has a “no fluff” attitude. “Figure out if you’re in a position to win -- If you’re company is too conservative or not rolling with the proper DNA to be able to execute you have no shot”. Figure out your strengths and bet your entire career on it. According the Gary, the worst advice someone can give you is to work on your weaknesses, “anything that isn’t authentic to who you are as a human being is bad business”. The most important thing for Gary is authenticity – it trumps anything that you will do.

In his own life, Gary focuses on efficiency and proper economy of his time. His routine is to remain thankful, in full control and accountable of his actions.

“I’m quick to motivate, never emotional or romantic about any tactic or platform or moment in marketing time”.  

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