Finding Talent is like Falling in Love


You can use your current base to get feedback, you can do it to test the marketplace. You’ve got to just trust the consumer. I tell people all the time who meet me and ask what do you think? I mean who cares what I think – I’m just another executive at this point. It’s what does everyone else think? What do the masses think – Are they reacting to this? So I like to tease things, test them and put them out there to see how people are reacting and get a little guidance. Then there are times when you think screw what everyone thinks I’m going to trust my gut and that’s just a judgment call, but you’ll know when the time’s right.

When you’re finding talent it’s like falling in love. It’s like you can’t look for it it’s got to find you and when it finds you, you know. I think if you try to force a moment it’s just not going to happen and you’ll know and you’ll know which levels. You’ll know, I really like this, I really love this, this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, this could be fun for a week – you’ll know, your gut will tell you. I think the biggest secret to finding talent is being patient.

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