How To Break Through The Brand-Clutter


Turning Heads on Social Media

Brands can use social media to break through the clutter because it’s an equalizer and gives you a chance to put something out there that’s seen all over the world at no cost. You can be innovative on how creative you use the tools. In the old days you had to spend so much money to get your message out to different market places, let alone around the world. Now with the simple upload click of a button you can deliver a message to everyone and if you’re willing to think outside of the box and be creative and really grind it out something special can really happen. Social media is just an amazing opportunity – so you should take it.

The Art of Marketing means to me the art of making someone turn their head. It’s the idea that if I reacted to something then millions of others would probably react to it also – so how do I get them to turn their head? It’s the art of getting attention of something because you’re only going to. No matter what you’re marketing if it’s shit – it’s shit. If it doesn’t go the distance it’s not necessarily your fault. Your job as a Marketer is to get the attention on it and present it in a proper way where it has the best chance of longevity and impact. If it’s a great product, great brand a great song – whatever it is – it’s about making people pay attention.

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