Direct Customer Relationships


We really only have one job in business and it’s the ability to keep our customers happy.

In my book, Ctrl Alt Delete, I talk about the power of direct customer relationships. What are you doing everyday to ensure that you are building and continuing those direct relationships? More often then not, there’s something around this sort of stagnation of business growth, that once you have a customer, the drug is to find the other customer and the other customer.

I tend to like organic growth over new business more than anything else organic growth is telling me that I’ve taken someone we have and organically grown them into a more fertile and more vibrant customer.

So for me it’s all about nurturing that experience, and really focusing on the organic; making sure that consumers are always happy and that they feel that they are part of something bigger.

That’s an important thing.

Buying one thing, that’s interesting. Buying two things, and coming back, is interesting. But having them feel that they are a part of something bigger – that’s something and unfortunately most business don’t think about that, and they should. 

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