Combining Your Life and Your Work


It’s always a challenge to find the time to develop and the time to run your business, but again I think we have to look at things as not being mutually exclusive. I call it flow; the idea that it’s not about work-life balance or anything like that I believe that you have to look at it as an entity, as one construct and the visualization I give people is think of it as a stool and the stool has three legs: One analyzes your professional working development, one analyzes your community work and one of those legs is your personal family or friends.

If you have that stool and one of those legs is out of kilter it’s going to topple over and every day the real job that we have to bring into our work and our lives every single day is making sure there’s some balance and it’s not perfect and it’s never going to be perfect, but when you can find somewhat of an equilibrium between your community, your personal and your professional, life gets better, but thinking of it as sort of a work-life balance I think is a missed number, it means life falls outside work in that’s not healthy.

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