Being Exceptional


Growing revenue in a world where there’s so much economic uncertainty it can be troublesome trying to connect the two - I think that economic challenges and some globalized issues are sort of our global thing that are always going to be there versus trying to figure out a new inventive ways to up-sell cross-sell products and services that don’t really have any forces at play within.

I know it might sound somewhat pedantic to say that, but it’s true.

If you look at the world and how it’s structured I’m massive economic forces did not deteriorate a billion dollar valuation for companies like Tumblr or Instagram, not valuation but actual sales figures so I always believe that with for every sort of rule that there is mostly exceptions.

I spent 15 years in the music industry people would ask me all the time, “What does it take to get a successful artist to become number one best selling artist?” And the answer to the question is actually very simple, but complex, the answer is: there are no rules there’s only exceptions. So when it comes to thinking about my business I always try and think of it as an exception, not the rule.

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