A Personal Connection With Your Customer


To me it’s interesting because we live in a technology-fueled world and I think a lot of the excitement and the hype is around data and social media and the science part of marketing and I’m really excited actually to be thinking about the art of marketing (so this is a fantastic conference by the way). Because the art of it is really appealing to people’s emotions – it’s the people side and you can’t underestimate how important that is. We learn about futures and functions of technologies and we try to market that to our customers, but we also need to understand how to connect with their hearts and that often is much harder.

I think one of the most influential marketing campaigns I have ever seen and I know you’re all familiar with it, but I still love it and I think that it was a game changer was the “Think Different” from Apple. Because in an industry of technology and really thinking about features, functions and speeds they were talking about appealing to that creative mind, they weren’t just there to help you with computing they were there to help you unleash the creativity of who you were using their products and I love that because it was about the unlimited potential of the user, not just getting things done.

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