A Long-term Client Communication Plan


I think corporations have a really hard time. I speak to a lot of consumer packaged-goods marketers and I have some good friends who are that and it was just amazing to me because social media allows you to come behind the cupboards. There’s like a line you can’t connect – personally the employees could not connect the customers.

CPG marketers – they switch jobs every few 14 months – Loyalty is something they don’t think about it’s just campaigns, packaging, media. It’s not who’s there to be the brand steward for these customers who have bought them for 25 years? Nobody.

One of the things I think marketing should stop doing, because I think it’s really hindering what they think about customers is to think in the short term all the time. What I often find in people are very campaign focused and they think about engaging customers and I would suggest for them to think in the long term. We want to have customers who constantly want to stay with us and tell other people. We want to focus on engaging them for the long term and creating programs for the long term.

Campaigns are great and they’re for the short-term buzz and that’s amazing. It gives people things to talk about. But we want to start thinking about long-term loyalty because it’s really going to sustain our business and sustain our growth.

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