Peter Aceto

President & CEO of Tangerine and Bestselling Author of Weology

Peter Aceto

Peter Aceto is an unusual CEO. Employees don’t work for him, they work with him. He’s also an unusual leader. His team members don’t follow him, they join him... We need more like him.

Davis Chilton,
author of The Wealthy Barber and former Dragon on CBC’s Dragons’ Den

Peter Aceto is a globally recognized and respected business leader and a change agent for leadership. Peter’s goal is to inspire unconventional thinking and transparency that deliver unparalleled results for employees, consumers and business.

His career with Tangerine (formerly ING DIRECT) began in Canada over eighteen years ago as a founding member of its senior leadership team. Prior to his current appointment as President and CEO in 2008, Peter held the posts of Chief Risk Officer, Chief of Staff and Chief Lending Officer at ING DIRECT in the US where he worked for nearly eight years.

Peter’s leadership shapes the foundation of success for Tangerine where a high level of employee engagement is achieved, innovation is required, and client obsession is demanded. This relentless focus has yielded outstanding results for Tangerine, its employees and clients and proved particularly instrumental in the $3.1 billion acquisition of ING DIRECT by Scotiabank in 2012.

Peter is the author of The Globe and Mail’s bestseller WEOLOGY: How everybody wins when we comes before me. He is a globally sought out and recognized public speaker, a social media leader and a blogger. Peter is frequently featured in The Globe and Mail, Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Huffington Post. Peter has been awarded for his leadership in HR, communication and business, as well as his contribution to Canada and his community.

All proceeds from the sale of Weology and related speaking engagements are donated to Tangerine supported charitable organizations.

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  • How Do You React To Change?

    Peter Aceto

    “I didn’t realize it would be this exciting around here,” said one employee during a lunch I typically have with team members who are celebrating their one-year anniversary with us.

  • Why Busyness is No Badge of Honor

    Peter Aceto

    Busyness is No Badge of Honor “I know you are such a busy person, thank you sooo much for making the time to meet with me.” Ever hear someone tell you that? I do, and frankly I think it’s silly.

  • Just Tell Me What You're Good At

    Peter Aceto

    When I returned to Tangerine in Canada, from spending time at the Tangerine US business (then known as ING DIRECT), I discovered that certain people were taking all the opportunities to speak in key meetings while others just sat there, silently.

  • How Everyone Wins When "We" Comes Before "Me"

    Peter Aceto

    Who do you think comes first – happy employees, happy customers or happy shareholders? My answer may surprise you coming from a bank CEO, in an industry that has arguably not changed a great deal in centuries, but my answer is employees.

  • The Buck Stops With The CEO. Does it?

    Peter Aceto

    Every business, no matter how great, is vulnerable to decline. This is the subject of Jim Collins’ book “How the mighty fall.” Collins lists five stages of decline businesses go through, how to identify, manage, avoid or recover from them.

  • Why Innovation is a Big Deal

    Peter Aceto

    Here’s what I know for sure. Change is constant. Businesses grow, or shrink. And we all evolve. So you have two choices: You can sit and watch the transformation happen, or you can be an active participant.

  • Breaking Down the CEO Stereotype

    Peter Aceto

    When you hear of CEOs, you’re probably inclined to think of perks and corner offices. You might also consider the adjectives “greedy, aloof, and egocentric”. While in some cases this is warranted, I wonder about how much we like to glorify the role of a CEO.


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