Weology: How Everyone Wins When We Comes Before Me

Weology: How Everyone Wins When We Comes Before Me

Being good to your own people is just good business. A place where Me thrives, We benefit...

Most organizati​ons – let alone banks – are trying to understand the transformational shift the world is seeing. Some recognize the future is social, but most have a partial view. Social media, as Peter believes, is merely a tool. Becoming a social organization, however, is the future. What that requires is a profound shift in the way business is led. Peter strongly believes there is a better way to do business. His passion lies in changing the conversation around leadership by inspiring business leaders to explore the concept of Weology: How everyone wins when “we” comes before “me” and how it plays in the success of a business. 

Why Peter? And why Tangerine? Nothing is average or normal at Tangerine: not the name, not the style of banking, not the leadership. And Peter Aceto is not your average executive. As president and CEO of Tangerine, Peter runs his business in an unorthodox and intuitively human way that has largely contributed to Tangerine’s unprecedented success. In putting we before me, Peter has grown Tangerine into one of Canada’s favourite companies to bank with and to work for. 

In Weology, Peter shares the story of Tangerine, its people, its culture and the leadership strategies he adopts for operating in a radically different way. The types of strategies that place people at the core of the operation: loyal, happy and engaged employees who positively impact the financial lives of two million Clients, and make shareholders happy, despite the bank’s lack of traditional tellers and bricks-and-mortar branches.

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How Everyone Wins When "We" Comes Before "Me"

Who do you think comes first – happy employees, happy customers or happy shareholders? My answer may surprise you coming from a bank CEO, in an industry that has arguably not changed a great deal in centuries, but my answer is employees.

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