Volume 3

Some say that content is king.

Volume 3 Letter From the Editor:

Content, as a big idea, exists everywhere: as ‘products’ that we come to love or hate, as experiences in the service industry that we either grin or shudder at the mere thought. The Art Of lives by the creed when it comes to our conferences that our content must be rich, leading edge and thought provoking for our audience: We’ve worked hard to provide an experience that is not only jam-packed with golden content, but we do our best to ensure it is delivered in an engaging, immersive and exciting manner. We curate our selection of speakers very carefully, and we make sure that they fit both thematically and stylistically. We choose not to look at trends and best practices, but on having excellent speakers work through fundamental business issues for our participants.

We believe it is a prerequisite for our continued success: and while good content, products, or experiences will not ensure your success, it’s something that can’t be compensated for even with the largest advertising budgets or public relations pushes. As some general examples in business:

Apple’s commercial success is testament to their strong focus on content – their intuitive design of consumer electronics – paired up with excellent marketing execution. It’s very rare that one hears about quality problems with their devices?

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