Top 4 Lessons: The Art of Sales


1. Train Yourself to Think Differently

Instead of trying to multitask all the time like everyone else, try establishing a contemplative routine. Thinking more deeply about your goals and priorities allows you to zone in and act more effectively. Challenge the mental models in your head and look for the alternatives.

2. Be Situationally Aware

If you can form a story that helps you with the situation at hand, you'll be better off in the end. When we have too much stimulus around us, we only look at the most obvious. It's not necessary to react after every single prompt and alarm.

3. Innovation can be Juxtaposition

Some of the best ideas have come from taking something familiar and mixing it with the unfamiliar. The best kind of creativity doesn't come from sitting in a room waiting for an idea to appear. Instead, it comes from the people who can figure out who to take existing ideas from on eplace and insert them in to a new setting

4. Psychological Safety Motivates Us

There's no surefire explanation as to why some teams are more successful than others. However, feeling secure in taking risks is a big factor in helping teams perform.When we feel like we're in control of the environment, we act with more confidence and yeld better results.

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