Review: The Art of Marketing - Vancouver 2013


The Art of Marketing, presented by Microsoft Dynamics, returned to Vancouver this passed September with a star-studded line-up. Excitement was in the air the days leading up to the conference and on the day of the event with a record amount of online interactions from our fans and delegates!

Eric Ryan, the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Architect at Method Products, was first to take the stage - delighting attendees with a talk on branding and innovation. Ryan advocated product experiences, asking marketers to go beyond satisfying customer's rational needs by trying to design experiences that touch them on an emotional level. 

Viral Marketing Expert and New York Times Bestselling Author of Contagious, Mr. Jonah Berger followed with an intriguing session on word-of-mouth and viral marketing. Berger reinforced the idea that virality is not luck - its a science, discussing why some things go viral, what is likely to drive word of mouth and why some people buzz about some products more than others.  

Top marketing executives from Microsoft, Adobe and Mediative joined our host on stage for our Executive Panel. Executives included, Loni Stark: Director of Product & Industry Marketing with Adobe Systems Incorporated, Jean-Philippe Gauthier: COO & President of Mediative, Cheri Chevalier: CMO of Microsoft Canada, together they shared the challenges they are currently facing and how to best navigate the changing marketing landscape.  

Scooter Braun, celebrated talent manager of Justin Bieber, PSY and Carly Rae Jepsen, followed our Executive Panel with a one-on-one interview discussing the brand of Justin Bieber and how the international sensation manages his relationship with his fans.

Braun, reinforced the theme of the day - success isn't luck, it takes effort and constant innovation to drive any project forward. 

Tom Fishburne, Founder and CEO of Marketoon Studios, was next on stage with a talk on marketing worth sharing, discussing why technology is a means to an end for marketers, why its not about the brand and why one size marketing does not fit all. 

New York Times Bestselling author, John Gerzema was next with his topic on Social, Local, Mobile, Global: The Technology Revolution Remaking Consumerism and Commerce - sharing lessons on how and why we as a society are moving to mindful consumption and which opportunities exist to differentiate your brand, product or service.

Arianna Huffington, President of The Huffington Post Media Group was our final speaker of the day with a talk on how social media has revolutionized the communications landscape. 

Huffington concluded the day with a final lesson: 

The Art of Marketing was a tremendous success - be sure to view the photos from our event on Facebook:

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