Your Brand is Defined by Your Customers


Now the second book actually has the word awesome in it because I use it so much in my life and in my talks and my business so it’s the book of business awesome. It’s about how you engage with your employees and customers to make a great business and when you flip it upside down it’s actually the book of business un-awesome. About train wrecks and how not treating a market well or employees can really hurt you.

It really comes down to: marketing isn’t marketing’s job, to me. Marketing is everybody. Marketing is a verb. Marketing is not a task and is not on a business card. Every time we do something or refuse to do something, it markets us. We don’t pick our brand at a retreat somewhere with management. Our brand is defined by our customers and that’s what this next book is about.

It’s about being awesome and how you can be awesome. Can you be awesome in a company when your boss is not so awesome or if something hits the fan what do we do to make it better because there’s ways of making awesome everything? Whether it’s positional, institutional, inside the company, or even just within your job and that’s what we’re going to talk about.

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