Why Sales is a Very Human Endeavor


Sales is so fascinating because it is partly art, but also partly science. What I think is so fascinating about it is that it’s something – ultimately when it’s done well, when it’s done right – is something that is fundamentally human. 

If you think about it, human beings have been selling since they were human beings. We have been trying to persuade people, influence people, get people to make an exchange. It is arguably a reason our species evolved. 

We’re not these sole, atomistic individuals out there who don’t do any kind of relation or transactions with other people, we actually find ways to bring people on board, we find ways to make exchanges, and I think that if you, today, in this world where there’s so much access to information and one side doesn’t have a huge advantage over the other, I think what you’re seeing is that the art of sales is actually in some ways the art of being a good human being. 


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