When Should Entrepreneurs Delegate Out Their Tasks?


Anything they don’t want to do, anything they’re not good at, anything that is not enjoyable, anything that is not a good return on investment. In terms of their time, I do believe, for the most part, we should maximize our strengths, instead of necessarily trying to improve our weaknesses. I also think that when you’re starting a lifestyle business you have to do a lot. And you have to do a lot of different tasks. If I don’t necessarily think step one to business is recruiting a team or hiring five employees. I think step one is figuring out how the business is going to make money. Then once that business is successful, then yes, there are all kinds of things we can do to strengthen it.  But the $100 Startup model is in particular about helping people with revenue, like right away, as soon as possible. 

Personally I take on way too much. I love to say yes to things and it has always served me well in many ways. I am a big believer that if you’re excited about something, you should say yes, and you should do it. That is what brought me to Toronto this morning [for The Art of Entrepreneurship] I heard the invitation and I thought, well I’m really busy but this could be a lot of fun. Why would I not want to hangout with people? I do believe that over time you do have to evaluate and ask yourself what is most important and how you’re going to prioritize your life. But I also think maybe when you’re just starting out or you’re exploring entrepreneurship for the first time then maybe it’s good to say yes.

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