What to Expect at The Art of Leadership


Leadership really is, I think, more art than science. We’ve heard a lot of the speakers talk about that – that what works for one leader may not necessarily work for another, just depending on your frame of reference, your cultural background and just life experience. 

So I think the idea of being an artist as well as a leader is certainly take the data – take the datasets, the frameworks and the models that are there – but then personalize it to the point where when you take it back to your team it’s meaningful for your people and your organization. And of course that’s not so much science but look and feel, and that’s where The Art of Leadership is a great name for these occasions. 

The Art of Leadership, to me, is this remarkable opportunity for people from all different backgrounds, all different companies, to come together to exchange great ideas. I think when you come to something like The Art of Leadership your goal should be: did they make me think a little differently? Did they make me consider possibilities I maybe hadn’t considered? And then, how will I take those ideas back to my team, my organization, and apply them?

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