What Does it Take to be Seen as Strategic?


So what does it take to be considered strategic today? Everyone wants to be considered strategic, it’s the holy grail of promotions, of getting that capital if you’re an entrepreneur or being considered a high potential. But what does it really take?

If you google strategy on your computer you come up with these war analogies or references to strategy documents and if we look at it that way, then really the creation for strategy is just the people that sit up in high positions in organizations, but today everyone needs to be more strategic. And what that really means is taking that time to reflect, instead of going on reflex, which in our busy world today we do. 

It’s the opportunity to reflect in terms of what’s going on in my environment? What relationships do I need to be more purposeful in building? What opportunities do I need to really capitalize on for my career to make connections, and then make choices about how you spend your time? What comes out of your mouth? 

So that’s really what it means to be strategic today. 

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