Using Technology For Sales


In terms of social media and what sales professionals should be using LinkedIn obviously is an amazing resource and an amazing tool and I actually recommend that people use a paid LinkedIn version where they have access to more tools on the product, another thing that’s important is to recognize the power of blogging especially for other content providers. For example, I blog for Adage and that gives me reach and credibility within a marketplace that’s important to my career path so think about what publications and online sites can help you expand your reach if you’re sales professional in the technology industry think about blogging for a technology site. Use content to extend your reach and to make new connections.

In addition to social media sites are all sorts of apps and other tools that are being launched on a daily basis that can help sales professionals. One thing that I recommend that you do is to constantly look at the Apple store for tips on things that are being launched. One example is an app called “Here On Biz,” it feeds into your LinkedIn data in it basically can tell you by location if people in your network are close to you when you’re travelling. Apps like this can help make your day more productive when you’re travelling – you always stay a step ahead, look at the tools, look at the absent, look at the social media sites that can help you excel in your career.

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