The Key to Success Through Driving Differentiation


For us driving differentiation is important. We compete against not only some of the world’s multinationals, we compete against the first multinationals with a 130-year head start – they own the shelf space. Everything we do at Method has to be different in every way possible. The biggest way we think about this difference is the product experience and essentially we fundamentally believe it is very difficult to create differentiation on the end result. It’s tough to out-Tide Tide and out-Clorox  Clorox so what we did was we changed the experience we saw that is where the most dissatisfaction is - Combining deep design and high sustainability into a single product offering. Everything we do is to try to work the touch points to the way we talk about the brand – the product, the label, to how it smells to how it’s merchandised in the store. Everything is about driving that differentiation to make Method a better cleaning experience so hopefully we help you clean happy.

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