Seth Godin: The Art of Marketing Q&A


Seth Godin, author and founder of, is synonymous with innovation within the marketing community. After a highly informative and valuable session at The Art Of Marketing, we had the chance to chat with the marketing industry’s leading authority at our backstage studio.

For Seth, marketing is the art of making something that people want to talk about or producing something people want to engage in. We are now in the “Connection Economy” and, for the first time, we have the ability to effectively reach everyone in the world. Too many marketers are concerned with what’s next. For Seth, what’s next doesn’t matter; it’s what’s now.

While on the subject of his latest books, Seth confessed that we are all a little weird. Marketers that take the initiative to market to the “edges” or non-average segments are ultimately more successful in the market according to Seth.

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