Reflection, Learning & Humility


I think as a human being, you need to learn to reflect, by which I mean stop, pause and think. What did I just learn from that? What did I just get out of that experience, that interaction? Each and every experience we have in our lives is fodder for learning, our own, and if we take that invitation seriously I think it does generate humility.

One can always, if one is thoughtful and perceptive enough, see the ways we could have done better and that creates humility. Again, excessive or false humility isn’t what I’m talking about. It’s a realistic, mature, wise humility to know that we can always learn.

The world is a rapidly changing place. Technology is constantly changing, knowledge is constantly growing, and people are very complicated and very interesting. We have to have the humility to know that and to go after it; to deeply want to learn as much as we can about the world, about others, and about how to better exercise our own mission. 

What Did You Think?