Personalization is an Art


I think when you say “the art of marketing” and then combating it with the science of marketing is that it’s a little bit of both. The science we get in the data of marketing, the stats. We hear about things; whether it’s how much direct mail can or can’t work or how much social’s growing now.

Data’s kind of dangerous without the art of it. The art is the personality, the art is the relationships. When I sign up for your newsletter is it the science when you just say “Hey, you’ve signed up for my newsletter” or is there a nice, warm response saying “Thank you for giving me a spot in your inbox? Why did you sign up for the newsletter or can I ask what industry you are in?”.

Coincidentally, that’s what you get from my newsletter and I get people answering everyday wanting most of the time to say thank you: thank you for asking, thank you for not being a robot. The art, the warmth, making a customization for your marketplace and then the science in there makes an incredible combination together.

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