Martin Lindstrom: The Art of Marketing Q&A


Martin Lindstrom, branding expert and Time Magazine Influential 100 Honoree, joined The Art Of in our backstage studio to talk branding, marketing and his latest book, “Brandwashed”.

On the subject of his new bestselling book, Martin talks about the need to create personal guidelines for how far we, as marketers, can and should go to reach and engage our audience. In a future where everyone on the Internet will market themselves as a brand, Martin warns that we must ask ourselves, “how far am I willing to go to sell, before I sell out”.

The marketing industry is at a very exciting and critical time, rules are being redefined and we are beginning to map out the consumer’s identity at a level we’ve never experienced before. Martin encourages marketers to break all the rules, and trust their instincts and intuitions.  

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